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Private Club Films provides an innovative and contemporary approach to traditional marketing and communication strategies for clubs of all sizes and types. As the name would imply - our expertise is both video-based and private club focused. By leveraging customized video assets, Private Club Films helps clubs help themselves to deliver upon the authentic experiences existing members and perspectives crave in today's market.


Video itself isn't revolutionary, rather the proper application and usage of video are what makes a marketing strategy in today's world effective.



The very first impression a member or a perspective member should have of your club, in motion picture.


It's more than just access to the course, but what else can be done throughout the day, month and year. Clubs who are making the shift from 'golf only' to 'clubs with golf' are reaping the benefits of the increased value of the dues dollar realized by the membership.


What is your club like? What do your employees believe about your culture? Are they delivering on that message? Is that getting through to the membership? Part and parcel of any club operation is the establishment of a club culture. That culture is expanded by utilizing video to it's fullest potential.

Special Events

"It's not worth throwing an event if no one attends." Increase the buzz, ensure participation & increase value of belonging.


Solid gold in the marketing world; your members, their thoughts, direct to your audience.

Construction Updates

These days, whether planning for a renovation or a rebuild, achieving membership buy-in to the plan is essential to proper communication.


With the constant push of membership satisfaction (within every department), clearly communicating where seafood is 'sourced' from, for example, does much to enhance the perceived value of the dish, the chef, the food, and beverage operation and overall value proposition at stake day-to-day in any club.


John's Island Club

'BRAND FILM' - Bonita Bay Club

Competition is fierce, no matter where a club or facility is located. This fact is heightened by being relevant with the services and amenities you offer - besides mere access to those services and amenities. Brand films help to distinguish your club in the marketplace and ensure long-term success. 

As one of the top resort hotels in the world, The Breakers utilizes video to enhance its proposition to guests across the country and around this world.  

'NYC Sales' -

The Breakers