Disruptive Innovation for Private Clubs

At a private club, you can disrupt in every facet of the member experience. Let’s look at communications for example. The best way to reach your members through online communication and delivering information to them is to disrupt their traditional monthly club newsletter in an effective manner.

In the past, “disrupters” are visionaries who grasp how an existing idea, product or service can be improved upon. For example, when Henry Ford made automobiles affordable it changed how the entire industry worked, which then made life for America change drastically.

You’re probably wondering if this type of innovation can deliver a positive impact at your private club. Many clubs build an annual calendar by replicating what they’ve always done. Many times it’s the same format and the same events from the previous year or how you can push the envelope creatively. It’s smart to ask questions like “What are other clubs doing that are leaving lasting impressions?” “What are some high-end brands that are delivering customer experiences with which we might be able to align?”

By searching harder for ways to enhance your events rather than doing it the way you’ve always done it will create some beneficial opportunities. The best way to go about creatively disrupting is to follow a few unwritten rules to make sure everything is good to go.


You will also need to understand the role of tradition. Most private clubs are safe havens for tradition and legacy, which makes your community so special, and its members so special. When using disruptive innovation you must consider what members value most in order to successfully build new ideas that will make them happy. When you introduce something new and exciting you have the opportunity to engage members that have never participated before. It might be smart to reach out to them directly and tell them how excited you are about this year’s event.

Change can definitely be quite frightening and will take a lot more work to navigate successfully. If you can identify a few events, and grasp a vision, then you are creating a path to a stronger brand. Parts of this topic may sound controversial but taking a risk can have some fantastic benefits.


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