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Award Winning John's Island Club: "Sourced" a 6-Part Documentary Series

Most Innovative Award

Private Club Films has been honored to work with the John's Island Club on a number of projects, but perhaps the most noteworthy is the 6-part documentary series entitled "Sourced".

This year at the Annual CMAA Conference, John's Island Club and the "Sourced" Series won CMAAs highest award for club communications - the "Most Innovative Award".

Watch the "Sourced" Teaser Now

This series covers several varied topics - Seafood, Bread, Beer, Produce, Wine, and Meat. Each video tells the story of how John's Island Club goes above and beyond to bring the best possible experience from the source - whatever that source may be providing - to the John's Island Club member.

Private Club Films is proud to have worked with John's Island Club on this project and we hope to continue providing innovative video marketing solutions to all of our clients.

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